Basic Strategy Archive - Rise of the Witch King - In this little guide I will teach you the basics of the Men of the West(Mot W)faction. This the default build order, and is often tweaked to suit the player or situation. This guide is strongly recommended for new RotWK players and is hosted. An Introduction to 2.02, is a ten minute guide that points out some.

Rise of the Witch King Strategies - Keep in mind that this is for 2.01 Rise of the Witch King, not 1.06 Battle for Middle Earth 2. If you are going to be faced with lots of archers (Probably against Mordor or Elves) then you mht want Farm Earthquake. This guide details the RotWK experience system for patches 2.01 and 2.02 v6. There are some minor differences between the two, however, the basics are valid.

To 2.02 Transition Guides - Rise of the Witch King. He can often win a small battle for you, even if you're pretty heavily outnumbered. This is quite useful, use it when your men are being swamped with archers, or use them to take down enemy buildings, such as the fortress. If you're using it against a fortress, always have the fortress in the center of the area effect, since damage decreases the farther it is from the nucleus. Rise of the Witch King. This is the 2.01 to 2.02 Men of the West transition guide. Men was one of the weakest factions, it had trouble early game and was almost impossible for them. Dwarves 2.02 to 2.02 Transition Guide

Basic Strategy Archive - <b>Rise</b> of the Witch King -
<strong>Rise</strong> of the Witch King Strategies -
To 2.02 Transition Guides - <strong>Rise</strong> of the Witch King.
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