Manual of the Medical Department MANMED, NAVMED P-117 PG1 It contains detailed instructions and Information pertaining to matters under the control of the Chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery for the guidance of persons In the Naval Establishment. The type of examination which is given by the examining board is specified by the Secretary of the Navy. He shall make a detailed written report to the commanding officer if any defects or deficien- cies are discovered which interfere with the efficient operation of the dental department. 6-49 Change 49 6-150 MANUAL OF THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT, U. DENTAL CORPS 6-150 PART IV— REMARKS.— ( Sample entries are shown in parentheses.) Item 1. (Sample computation: 5 DO's x 61 WD's = 305 WD's; 1 DO x 20 WD's - 20 WD's. (Example: 20 22 8 = 50) (c) Divide the sum of (a) and (b) by the total number of days in the quarter, and report. (Dental facilities shall report in appropriate spaces of PART I prosthetic cases which are inserted at that facility, even though fabricated else- where. — This heading is to be inserted (and entry completed) only by dental shore facilities outside the U. — There is no BUMED requirement for this part of the report; however, cognizant district or staff dental officers may require local sub- mission of the 477a for supplemental informa- tion. 6-151, Dental Service Report Equipment and Facilities Supplement, DD Form 477-1 (1) Genera! — The DD 477-1 Supplement is an annua] report of dental spaces, equipment, prosthetic data, and utilities, (2) Who Submits.— The responsible dental officer of each separate command having dental facilities and dental equipment (except field type equipment) shall submit a DD 477-1. Manual of the Medical Department MANMED, NAVMED P-117 PG1. * Title Page. * Chapter 1, Medical Department. Chapter 7, Medical Service Corps.

Full text of "Manual Of The Medical Department, U. S. MOORE MSG, USN October 1965 Reprint (Incorporates Page Changes 1 through 24.) UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTON : 1913 For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. C., 20402 - Price .25 DEPARTMENT OP THE NAVY BUREAU OP MEDICINE AND SUE GEE Y WASHINGTON 25, D. The Manual of the Medical Department Is Issued In accordance with United States Navy Regulations. (.d) Tours ashore in the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska — 3 years for officers in the grades of lieutenant commander through captain; 2 years for lieutenants and lieutenants, junior grade. Elibility for Promotion (1) Officers of the Dental Corps become elible for consideration by a selection board for promotion to the next hher grade with their running mates in the line, in accordance with pertinent provisions of the act of 7 August 1947 (now codified by act of , ) . Requirements for Promotion (1) Officers of the Dental Corps who have been selected for promotion must be found qualified by a naval examining board before being promoted. (2) When appropriate, qualified dental officers should act as consultants and advisors to dental officers with lesser experience. Duties Upon Reporting to a Ship or Station (1) As soon as possible after reporting, the dental officer of a ship or station shall examine the dental operating spaces, the equipment therein, and other accommodations provided for the dental depart- ment. In addi- tion, all hospitals shall enter in column G the totals number of sittings of hospital inpatients. OTHER: Copy to: (Cognizant district or staff dental officer.) 6-50 Change 49 6-150 CHAPTER 6. (Example: 20 x 91 — 1820) (b) Count the actual number of days attached for all who reported in, and for all who were detached during the quarter. Naval den- tal facilities which fabricate prostheses or parts thereof for insertion at other facilities shall report here the number of such cases. in areas desnated "remote" in accordance with SECNAVINST 6320.8 series. (5) PART V.— PROFESSIONAL ASSN- MENT AND UTILIZATION, DD Form 477a. MANUAL OF THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT U. S. NAVY NAVMED P-117 COR G. M. MOORE MSG, USN October 1965 Reprint Incorporates Page Changes 1.

Manual Of The Medical Department, U. S. Navy. NAVMED (2) There are three broad areas of knowledge in which officers of the Dental Corps must be quali- fied in order to be promoted. — Understanding of the basic principles and policies in the organization of the Department of Defense and in the planning, control, and administration of the Naval Establish- ment. — Knowledge of the pro- fessional subjects essential to the efficient operation, management, and logistic support of the dental facilities throughout the naval service. — Knowledge of the profes- sional subjects essential to provide dental care to the personnel of the Navy and Marine Corps. Written Examinations and Exemp- tions (1) Examinations. Dental officers are, therefore, encour- aged to submit to the Bureau, via official channels, well-considered suggestions for the betterment of the Navy Dental Corps. Duties in Care of Mass Casualties (1) Dental officers shall be qualified to perform first aid procedures in order that they may treat or assist in the treatment of mass casualties. Organization and Instruction Books (1) Each dental activity and dental department of a ship or station shall publish an "Organization Book" and "Instruction Book." These may be com- bined into a single publication. Dental officers attached to fleet aircraft service squadrons, mobile construction battalions, and other sim- ilar units not having dental equipment (other than field type equipment) shall not submit a DD 477-1. — Enter s- nificant collateral information; such as, "2 addi- tional planned," "1 not equipped," "also used as classroom." (2) Stem 16. The Manual of the Medical Department is issued in accordance with United States Navy Regulations. It contains detailed instructions and.

NAVMED P-117, Manual of the Medical Approved: Secretary of the Navy Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery v. RECORD OF PAGE CHANGES MANUAL OF THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Pago change Date of change Date entorcd Snature 1 27 August 1952 1 October 1965 Included in reprint £ 0"\ iiimiflf 1 OCT'S - - - do ----- 3 10 November 195a Do, h 27 April 1956 Do. It may be either an examination on official records only, or it may be a written examination. (2) The Bureau desires full knowledge of the functioning of the Navy Dental Corps ashore and afloat in order to be prepared to anticipate and meet needs for personnel and material and be in- formed of the adequacy of dental treatment facili- ties as related to the need or demand for dental treatment. Activities having only field type equipment are not re- quired to submit a DD 477-1. Complete Manual of the Medical Department. Chapter 15 provides guidance on performing, recording, and interpreting the results of physical examinations.

Manual of the Medical Department - The Brookside 12 13 22 April 1963 Do, Ak 13 December 1963 15 3 Karen ±9ot± CLo Do. The terms "active list of the Navy" and "active list of the Marine Corps" as used in this article mean the lists of officers of the Regu- lar Navy and the Regular Marine Corps, other than retired officers, holding permanent appointments in grades above chief warrant officer, W-4 ( (a) (9-10)). Appointments (1) Orinal Appointments, — Generally, orinal appointments in the Dental Corps, U. Navy, are made In the grade of lieutenant (junior grade). These include, but are not limited to, the ratio of sea and oversea billets to those ashore within the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska, the num- ber of officers on active duty for limited periods, requirements for officers with special qualifications, billets of an unusually arduous nature or in isolated areas, and training requirements. Naval X X X X Subject LTJG to LT LT to LCDR LCDR to CDR CDR to CAPT PART II— OPERATIONS AREA— Con. Oral Diagnosis and Roent- genology X X X X X X X X X X 2. The dental officer should, insofar as may be prac- ticable, afford assistant dental officers the oppor- tunity to acquire experience in the various dental fields. Several procedures, will usually be accomplished during one sitting; therefore, line 51 (TOTAL PRO- CEDURES) will usually be greater than the total sittings entered on line 52. CHROME- COB ALT OR OTHER NON-PRECIOUS METAL APPLIANCES 1. MAXIMUM MONTY POTENTIAL OUTPUT PART II— LABORATORY' DATA. PART 111 ■ CLASSIFICATION OF AC TIVE DUTY PERSONHE L (At and z ■ »/o hi quai -ter) 1. Line 5, GRAND TOTAL, — Record combined total of REPORTING FACILITY and OTHER military strength. DENTAL OFFICER WORKDAYS LOST DUE TO ALL OTHER CAUSES ( 47) 4. AVERAGE NUMBER OF PERSONNEL ATTACHED ." ( 21) CATEGORIES ON BOARD MORE THAN HALF OF THE QUARTER: DENTAL DENTAL DENTAL DENTAL OTHER OTHER OFFICER CIAN HYGIENISTS ASSISTANTS CIVILIANS PERSONNEL (5) (10) (1) (1) (1) Receptionist ( 1 ) Striker (1) MSC 6. The commanding officer of a FMF dental company shall include data on detach- ments whose dental procedures are incorpor- ated in his DD 477. The reporting of average number of personnel attached is unrelated to and shall not influence reported information concerning time worked and time lost, which shall con- tinue to be reported as items 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the REMARKS section. The Average Number of Personnel Attached for each quarter should be computed in the following manner: (1) Use only the nearest whole num- ber ( no fractions ) . Manual of the Medical Department NAVMED P-117. The manual was obtained from official sources and is believed to be an accurate and.

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