Mitsubishi FUSO Service Manual - YouTube I have had a 2007 FG140 for almost 2 months now, and Ive experienced more problems than i would have wanted to out of a truck with only 24k miles on it. Mitsubishi Fuso DUONIC Transmission - Duration. Mitsubishi Motors Ireland 93,186 views · · How a Common Rail Diesel Injector.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. - I wanted to know..kind of problems have people experienced with their 4x4 fusos? I drove it home from NC to CO with no problems (apart from a flat tire). Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. MFTA, Logan Township, New Jersey, United States. According to the company, more than 100,000 Mitsubishi Fuso standard, 4-wheel-drive and. All models come standard with a Mitsubishi Fuso DUONIC electronic 6-speed automated manual transmission A with overdrive.

What kind of problems have you had with your Fuso? Archive I was wondering what the weak links are and what i should watch for. I own a 1993 and a 2004, both from new, and aside from dealer mechanics forgetting to thten some bolts during service, the only problem was an air conditioner condensor fan motor going bad on the 1993 after 110,000 miles. They are very helpful and have shipped me items that I have ordered and saved me the 400 mile round trip. I since have replaced the starter since I was getting some no start situations from poor contacts inside the starter itself. I bought my 99 Fuso used with 176k? miles on it. From what I read on the net, this is a very common problem with manual transmission Fusos. I have a 2007 FM260 — bger brother to the FG. Fuso Problems to date 30,000 miles lack of factory spec turbo boost — resulting in poorer fuel economy.

MITSUBISHI&FUSO Trucks For Sale - 657 Listings - Page 1 of Remember they are commercial vehicles and buying used mean they have been d by un concerned non owners. I have a slht oil leak which appears to be coming from the seal on the vacuum pump(? Results. 2017 MITSUBISHI FUSO, FE160CC, Medium Duty Trucks - Cab and Chassis Trucks. 3.0L Diesel Engine with Duonic 6 speed Transmission.

Mitsubishi fuso - Long story short, I had a major oil leak rht from the get go with my 2004 FG. The dealer picked it up and hauled it the 200 miles back to Ft. The "offical" story from the Mitsu rep was "normal use with break in oil". It was also during time when the President of the automotive division publicly apologized for not reporting manufacturing defects. ) on the front of the block, losing maybe a quart in 1500 miles. I think it must be a sticky switch or relay somewhere. Mitsubishi 5-speed manual transmission, this smooth-running 4-cylinder is rated at. Performance Specifications for 2005 Mitsubishi Fuso Medium-Duty Cabover Models. FM 260. 25,995. 243 /AT @ 2600. 514 /AT @ 1400. Class 7.

Discount Mitsubishi Fuso Manual Transmissions The dealership's service manager said it was a bad seal that they had to replace. Looks like the Mitsu Truck Rep for this area used to work for the automotive division. Engine was replaced prior to my purchase, I presume under warranty. From what I read on the net, this is a very common problem with manual transmission Fusos. Mitsubishi Fuso FM260 Manual Transmission Parts. Wheels / Rims, Wheel Covers & Lhts. Car Body Parts Bumpers, Mirrors, Headlhts, Tail Lhts and.

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