Medicare Benefit Policy Manual Chapter 9 - CMS There are many key financial functions performed during the life cycle of a Foren Military Sales (FMS) case. Case development activities are those required to prepare LOAD quality data after an LOR is complete. Chapter 9 - Coverage of Hospice Services Under. Transmittals for Chapter 9. change in a transfer situation, if the patient is in the third or later benefit period.

Chapter 9 - Security Assistance Management Manual - Defense. Development of pricing estimates for Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) documents and billing and reporting of Security Assistance (SA) costs incurred and collected are two critical financial functions. Case development activities are complete when the LOA has been sned by the purchaser. Chapter 9, Financial Policies and Procedures, describes legal, regulatory, and policy. may be used to transfer the prior disbursements from the FMS Administrative. by applying the acceleration factors for officer and enlisted personnel.

DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE AFI36-2201_AFGM2017-01 9. Modifications and Amendments are used to update case values as necessary when changes to the program occur. for more information on when these documents should be used. Requests for an exception to policy must include an accounting of expended and remaining funds and priorities for the remainder of the year. When pricing FMS case items, the price depends on the source of supply (e.g., available from stock, ordered from procurement, Working Capital Fund (WCF)), and whether the item is to be replaced with a similar or improved item, or involves manpower or training. Feb 9, 2017. Chapter 2—TRAINING DEVELOPMENT AND DELIVERY. civilian and military, officer and enlisted, active duty, Guard, and reserve. performance, ability to learn and transfer knowledge to performance, and future within.

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