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Water Work - The Portuguese Water Dog Club of The Portuguese fisherman's dog has been selective bred for centuries to be an accomplished swimmer and diver. Click here to download the 2016 PWDCC Water Trial Manual. The PWDCA manual is available on Either manual may not be copied or.

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Water Work - pwdca The PWD has evolved with its fully webbed feet, a strong thick tail to act as a rudder, a thick coat and a broad chest to excel in the water and to assist its fisherman master. The Portuguese Water Dog, past and present, is a working breed. As a contributing crew member. 2015 Water Trial Manual 2017 Master Water Dog Program.

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Water - PWDCNC However Portuguese Water Dog puppies do not emerge from the womb knowing how to swim. Handlers spend years training their dogs the tasks that are outlined in the PWDCA Water Trial Manual. Here in Northern California, we are.

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Water Training - Dacher Kennels Puppies usually need some gentle guidance to start swimming. A shallow sloping lake beach is ideal for teaching the puppy about water. The PWDCA developed water trials to test the PWD's ability to perform the aquatic. You will need to download the PDF Water Trial Manual that is 51 pages long.

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